Welcome to Tuart Forest Primary School

Tuart Forest Primary School is located on Crystal Bend Dalyellup, approximately 180kms south west of Perth and caters from years Kindergarten to Year Six.

Our overarching aim is to embed a culture of high performance and high care at Tuart Forest Primary School.
We will achive this by using evidence-based practices that will be regularly reviewed through broad, rigorous data analysis.
Through this, we will know the impact that our teaching and learning programs are having on student progress and student achievement at our school.

Our Mission Statement

-We place learner's experience at the core of all we do
-We believe in quality, passion (enthusiasm), leadership (honesty, courage, confidence) accountability, collaboration, integrity and diversity
-We embrace diligence, curiosity, creativity, resourcefulness and optimism
-We are committed to our school community and operate ethically
-We all strive to continually improve

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