Welcome to Tuart Forest Primary School

Tuart Forest Primary School is located on Crystal Bend Dalyellup, approximately 180kms south west of Perth and caters from years Kindergarten to Year Six.

Our overarching aim is to embed a culture of high performance and high care at Tuart Forest Primary School.
We will achive this by using evidence-based practices that will be regularly reviewed through broad, rigorous data analysis.
Through this, we will know the impact that our teaching and learning programs are having on student progress and student achievement at our school.

Our Mission Statement

-We place learner's experience at the core of all we do
-We believe in quality, passion (enthusiasm), leadership (honesty, courage, confidence) accountability, collaboration, integrity and diversity
-We embrace diligence, curiosity, creativity, resourcefulness and optimism
-We are committed to our school community and operate ethically
-We all strive to continually improve

National Simultaneous Storytime Wednesday 25 May

Just a quick reminder that the National Simultaneous Storytime will be held in the undercover area tomorrow (Wednesday) at 9am.

This years story will be ‘I Got This Hat’ by Jol & Kate Temple and students are asked to wear their favourite hat or to make one of their own!

Swimming Lessons Timetable – commencing Monday

Session 1

 9.05am – 9.45am


Yellow 2

Mrs Barbour Pre-Primary


Blue 4

Mrs Johnson Year 6

Session 2  

9.50am – 10.30am

Red 1

Mrs Moroney Year 2


Green 2

Miss Twist Year 3


Yellow 4

Miss Van der Zanden



Session 3  

10.50am – 11.30am

Blue 2

Mr Cartwright Year 5/6


Red 3

Mrs Partington Year 1


Yellow 3

Mrs Seivwright Pre-Primary



Session 4  

11.35am – 2.15pm

Red 2

Mr Davidson Year 2


Green 3

Ms Perkins Year 3


Yellow 1

Miss Le Leivre Year 1


Session 5  

12.45pm – 1.25pm


Green 4

Miss Homer Year 4


Green 1

Miss Audino Year 2/3

Session 6 

 1.30pm – 2.10pm


Red 4

Miss Ruddick Year 1


Blue 1

Mrs Erceg-Hurn/Mrs Michell Year 4/5

Lexile 80 point Winners 2015

For our Lexile students that have received an invite to tomorrow’s Water Slide afternoon, remember to bring your bathers, rashie/tshirt and a towel!

Water Slide Reward

For reaching 80 points in Lexile by reading consistently during 2015

Thursday 3rd December 2015


Please bring your bathers and rashie/tshirt

Teo Faction: Lunch and Waterslide Tomorrow

All Teo (Red) Faction students in Years Pre Primary to 6 have been invited to lunch and a water fun afternoon tomorrow (Thursday). Teo was our winning faction for 2015. Remember to bring your bathers, rashie/tshirt and a towel. A chicken burger will be provided as lunch for these lucky Teo students.