Cross Walk Attendant

If your children are walking to school from the western side of Parade Road, please remind them to utilise the school crossing provided.  It is apparent that students walking from the southern end of Parade Road are sometimes electing to cross the road before getting to the school crossing.  The safest option to cross Parade Road is at the school crossing.




Bullying No Way

A big thank you to students, staff and parents for supporting our National Day of action against bullying.

If you are interested in more information, the bullying no way website is a fantastic resource used by staff at Tuart Forest Primary School to support learning programs in the school.

If your child is experiencing problems of this nature they are most likely to tell the most trusted adults in their lives.  There are good resources on the Bullying No Way website to help you at home.  Please inform  the school if your child is experiencing problems and we will work with you.  Apart from our teachers and teachers’ aides we also have our school psychologist and school chaplain who can provide support to students and families who may need advice and support.

Once again thanks for your support.


Bullying No Way 2015 011


2013 and 2014 Newtons can be spent in the Newton store until the end of Term 1.  Students are welcome to keep them in their collection if they wish, however they cannot be used to buy anything after Term 1.  Book Club is also a great way to use Newton rewards – 10 Newtons equal $1 in Book Club.